Trinity Health & Performance

What we do

Sports Chiropractic

We are experts in the diagnosis, treatment and management of sports injuries. By combining principles of Chiropractic and Strength and Conditioning, we can help you effectively overcome your injury, improve functional capacity and get you back into the action.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a health profession focused on the diagnosis, management and prevention of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Its goal is to reduce pain and improve function in a person through non-surgical methods.

Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments

Prefer not to have manual or “cracking” adjustments? No problems! We also utilise more gentle adjustment methods such as instrument adjusting and drop table adjustments. Your comfort and trust is our priority.


Your care should not end in the clinic room. A well formulated exercise program can complement the treatment received. We incorporate this into your injury management to ensure your body continues to improve its function in between consultations.


Prehabilitation is a form of training that is aimed towards strengthening the body and improving functional efficiency. This is for the purpose of preventing injuries before it happens. It is highly encouraged that everyone participates in some form of prehabilitation exercise program to keep their body in an optimised state.

Movement Analysis and Correctives

It is possible to move poorly without pain. This dysfunction almost always ends in a form of injury at some later stage when the body is no longer able to handle the stress that is accumulated. It is important to identify and correct such dysfunctional movements early to prevent injuries from occurring.

Dry Needling

Dry needling, or “western acupuncture”, is a treatment technique that uses thin filament needles (the same as acupuncture needles). These needles are inserted into muscles for the release of myofascial trigger points, which may assist in the relief of pain and improve function.


Rigid tape and kinesiotape are useful tools that may be utilised to assist with supporting injured soft tissues and joints. This may help alleviate some pain during the acute and subacute phases of your injury.

The AxIT System

Get assessed like an elite athlete! The AxIT System by Strength By Numbers is a new way to objectively assess performance and function by measuring the strength and power produced during a movement. Once only available to professional athletes and teams, we have brought in this tool to complement our assessment process and gain a clearer picture of your body’s functional capabilities. We use this data as a baseline which helps guide our treatment and exercise programming to optimise your outcome and help you achieve your goals. The same assessment can be repeated to track the progression of your body and determine the effectiveness of the program that is designed for you.